Ruth McAvinia
Space Humanities Department

Ruth graduated in drama before working as a reporter and broadcaster on radio, television, and online. She began studying science part-time while working newsroom shifts and eventually re-trained in science communication. Ruth attended SSP10 in Strasbourg after finding out about the program through Twitter.  She served as TA and Emerging Chair in Space and Society for SSP11 and SSP12 respectively, and as Language and Editing Instructor on SSP13, SSP15, and SSP16. She chaired Space Humanities at SSP17 and is a member of the ISU global faculty. Ruth has worked in a variety of science communication posts and is now a contractor for communications at ESA in the Netherlands. She is also qualified to teach English to speakers of other languages, and assisted at the SEAC program for the SH-SSP 2018 in Mawson Lakes, South Australia. She is trying to learn Dutch as a speaker of another language.