Eric Dalhstrom
Space Sciences Department

Eric Dahlstrom is a space engineer and astronomer who has been involved with international space projects for 25 years.  Mr. Dahlstrom studied the physics of black holes at UNC, galactic astronomy at the Univ. of Maryland, space systems engineering at GWU, and space studies at ISU SSP91.

Mr. Dahlstrom conducted research on interstellar dust and star formation with radio telescopes in West Virginia and Arizona.  He was on the NASA Goddard team to first analyze data from IRAS, and helped design the COBE satellite to study the origin of the Universe.  

As an engineer, Mr. Dahlstrom worked on the design of ISS for eight years, reviewing a wide range of space station design issues involving all engineering systems. After the Shuttle Challenger accident, he worked on the NASA lessons learned team in Florida.  He then worked for a year calculating the risk of another Shuttle accident for NASA.

During NASA human exploration studies he helped coordinate interplanetary transportation architecture studies at five NASA centers.  Mr. Dahlstrom has also been involved in privately supported space research such as lunar and asteroid resource use.

He is now President of International Space Consultants, where he consults on projects involving spacecraft design, space-based science, launch vehicles, and space business.