TP - Space-aided Climate Change Adaptation: Floods and air quality management

Independent Space Industry Consultant specialised in system engineering of optomechanical space instrumentation for Space Science, Earth Observation and Planetary Exploration. In addition, I am deeply intimate with what is going on in the Global Space Industry and I serve my clients by providing them information products about the future of the industry. Most of this information is fed into my publicly available future Space missions intelligence database: the Eye On Orbit Space Missions Manifest. As a side business, I really enjoy speaking to audiences that are keen to learn more about Space and all its dimensions. Through interactive workshops with Virtual Reality, LEGO models and game elements I engage with groups from all age levels.

I graduated in 1996 from the Physics and Astronomy faculty of the VU University Amsterdam. I worked at the Netherlands Space Research Organization SRON as a scientist, at Airbus Defence & Space Netherlands as a technical specialist and at TNO as a R&D manager and innovator of space systems. Since 2013 I have started my own freelance business: Eye On Orbit.

In 1998 I went to the ISU Summer Session Programme hosted at Cleveland State University and NASA Glenn and had the summer of my life, both professionally and personally. I participated in the Space Applications department and the Team Project on Hazards to Spaceflight. At the 2018 SSP in my hometown Delft, the Netherlands, I will be acting as a co-chair for the Team Project on Space Aided Climate Change Adaptation and look forward engaging with the SSP students to have a sizzling summer of Space!