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Human Performance in Space Department

Dr. Heather Allaway (SSP10) is a Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) Postdoctoral Fellow at Texas A&M University. Her interests focus on human spaceflight, particularly on gender differences in the endocrine and skeletal responses to microgravity and exercise countermeasures. Dr. Allaway has a background in biology and medical physics from Mount Allison University (Canada), and reproductive physiology and endocrinology from the University of Saskatchewan (Canada). She received her PhD in Physiology from the Pennsylvania State University in 2017, where she studied the impact of nutrition, reproductive function, and hormonal contraceptive use on skeletal health in young, exercising women. She is currently using a rodent model to study the impact of hormonal contraceptive use and simulated microgravity on skeletal health as a TRISH Postdoctoral Fellow.
Additionally, she continues to explore the ethics of conducting research in humans and animals and challenges herself disseminate her science to the general public in an approachable way. Changing the attitudes of scientists to portray their science in a way that is approachable and conducting research the public is comfortable participating in are important aspects of her research involvement. She has forged a non-traditional research path by focusing on wise words she once heard. “When one challenges oneself it is the time when one learns the most about the world and ourselves. We often discover things we were not out to learn, broadening our experiences, and bring ourselves to exciting new conclusions.”
Dr. Allaway has assisted in facilitating the SSP program as a teaching associate (SSP12) and as a visiting lecturer (SSP15, 16, and 17).