Adil Jafry
Adil Jafry

Space industry is fast moving from its traditional government (and public sector) roots to a commercial everyday industry. This transformation is enabling space companies to build and market products and services on a laissez faire basis to businesses and consumers, spurring entirely new economic interactions that did not
previously exist, and may be worth a few trillion dollars in the coming decades.
Hence, the opportunity in commercial space is unprecedented.
Starting, managing, and growing a space initiative requires identifying unmet demand that can be fulfilled using space/space technologies. It additionally requires sourcing quality capital, rallying a competent team, mobilizing resources, and building a solution that is priced right and effectively solves the customer’s problem.

In addition to demonstrating that a company’s activities are financially viable, a firm needs to build a relationship of trust with government oversight organizations, put in place strong governance to help resolve conflicts of interest among the various stakeholders, and build enduring partnerships that can both help the company market its products/services and develop a reliable supply chain.
Foremost, the SSP’18 Management & Business department will enable participants to get comfortable with the concepts, tools and methodologies that can help them describe (in economic terms) their vision and the commercial market opportunity.

The department faculty will comprise professionals from across the global space and finance sectors, and will focus on case studies, in-class activities (including mock negotiations), and company visits to build a body of knowledge that serve as stepping stones for participants in their future work.
An important focus throughout the fifteen department activities will be to foster enduring ties among the participants and the visiting faculty members which can serve both in their future professional and career activities.