Christopher Johnson
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Andrea Harrington
Associate Chair

The Space Policy, Economics, and Law Department concentrates on the “why” and “how” of international
space activities.

Participants joining the Policy, Economics, and Law (PEL) department will be involved in a range of discussions, debates, and interactions designed to provide an in-depth understanding of what shapes current and future space activities around the world, along with their societal impacts, justifications, benefits, and the international and national legal frameworks within which space activities are conducted. A range of international political, economic, and legal experts will work with participants on topics that include:

• What are the geopolitical context and pressures of activities in space?
• What are the political and economic drivers that persuade governments to invest in national space programs?
• How do we measure the success of national and international space programs?
• How well are nations cooperating in international space projects?
• How and why are laws regulating national space activities enacted and what are the differences?
• How effectively do space agencies deliver national benefits and how are they measured?
• Do the space treaties adequately address the current and future needs of the international space
• What are the obstacles to change in international space law?

Participants joining the department will have a diversity of professional backgrounds. All participants will take advantage of the PEL Department’s expertise and insights to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the political and legal foundations of international space activities.