Matthew Sorgenfrei
Associate Chair
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Rob Postema

We are going back to the Moon! After landing twelve humans on the Moon between 1969 and 1972, today the international space community is developing advanced plans to return to the Moon with human and robotic presence and activities towards the end of the next decade. This time, humans will stay longer, with robotic support, and increase the level of sustainability of the presence along the way.
Both habitation of humans on the Moon as well as the activities themselves will need enabling facilities and services, such as accommodation and life support, communications and, perhaps most importantly, generation and supply/distribution of power.
The aim of the ISU SSP 2018 Team Project “Lunar Night Survival” is to specify a solution for the generation and provision of power in support of the range of activities which are planned to be deployed on the Moon in the near future. The scope of work of the Team Project does not only include the design of the power generation solution, it will also address the deployment and maintenance of the solution, as well as estimation of the costs and the exploitation of the power supply to the different users.