W0 2The Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), that preserves one of the most ambitious and world renowned Aerospace Engineering departments alongside the International Space University, is ready to welcome the class of 2018 of the Space Studies program to Delft.

W0 4Together with the rich Dutch culture that fills your heart with passion and curiosity, the space studies program will broaden the horizon of your Universe in ways that will help you grow the Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, and International aspects of your personal and professional life.


A week before the program starts, the staff offices, filled with dialogues of space law, the Moon, Proxima Centauri and every other topic you can possibly imagine, even the likelihood of space cheese? Now, how about that! Final preparations are coming to an end for the number of events, professional visits and core lectures that the participants will have the opportunity to be part of. In between the busy schedule, we did have some time to experience some Delft culture by painting and creating our very own Delft blue porcelain plates.

W0 3The surrounding of the Faculty of Aerospace at TU Delft, the tall buildings, the refreshing summer breeze is ready to be broken into the sizzling summer of space with the arrival of our participants. We’re all working hard to make this summer the best space studies program ever in the ISU history. And we are lucky to do so right in the heart of Europe’s space Industries.

W0 1Connecting, networking with people from all over the world that work to accomplish one goal this summer. To be able to open up about your experiences and share each other’s values is part of been an ISU Family member.  One thing I did not forget to mention is the delicious Dutch meals! The Dutch herring is of course, now in season. You’ll enjoy them with some onions and a cool drink on a summers day.

You might imagine what it’s like spending time here at TU Delft working to make SSP18 happen? With my colleagues just across the table, the ISU lanyard adding colours to our outfit, if I close my eyes for a moment I’m flying to moon, to mars, through the stars to Proxima Centauri on a journey of endless discovery with a group of passionate space enthusiasts!


* How to repair of your bike!


* What you can do in Delft? Go-Kart Racing!