It’s week 4, the lectures are over, the elective workshops are in full swing and the department activities have begun! This week was a busy one so it's hard to pick what to talk about because it's all so much fun; so here are a few of my personal highlights! Bowtie Tuesday (which is every Tuesday). This year’s first meeting of the international bowtie administration, an organisation that was established in Cork during SSP17, was held at TU Delft! Picture1

Picture2The humanities department also had an “out of this world” afternoon on Tuesday with former humanities TA and founding member of the international bowtie administration, Petter Skanke. In their activity they made films and taught us all valuable lessons about planetary protection. This week the Human Performance in Space department visited ESTEC to learn about issues that manned missions that go beyond Earth’s orbit face. To celebrate the end of the core lectures, the staff serenaded the participants and brought all the cake from the nearest shops. But the big celebrations had to be put on hold until the end of the exam, for the participants at least; the staff spent the evening at the beach in The Hague to celebrate Omar and Kavindi’s birthday!!! 

But for the participants it was study time, they had to wait until the exam (and Thursday's workshop) was over to celebrate. One of the workshops held on Thursday afternoon was Biomodd. Biomodd is an open source art installation that combines technology and biology. Here 25 participants took apart computers to build new machines and theorise ways they could use these machines as part of a closed loop system to help feed an ecosystem. Picture4

This week was jam packed, exciting and exhausting; like every week! And with departments now in full swing they'll be much more to come next week! 

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