ISSP18 2018 07 31 0048 

Final run before the end of the department activities, week 6 is here, full of exciting events! ISSP18 2018 08 02 0059

Four departments went to Cologne (Germany) to visit the European Astronaut Center. They could see the various equipment for astronaut training and go around the facilities. They even where given the unexpected occasion to discuss with Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian European Space Agency astronaut present that day. In the meantime, two other departments went to visit the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR), the Dwingeloo radio telescope and Satellite ground stations in Rotterdam 



Tuesday was the very busy ESTEC day where the participants  had an overview of the future technologies developed there. The highlight of the day was the unveiling of two new tiles on the "Walk of Space" of Noordwijk followed by an excellent barbecue on the beach, facing the beautiful sunset. ISSP18 2018 08 01 0021

 Department activities are coming to an end but people were able to test cubesats in clean rooms, to perform analog rescue missions on Mars and many other fascinating exercises


TP weeks are at the door and and it is time for the participants to brace themselves for the impact ;)