Early in the project, it was identified and recognized that there are current options available to the general public regarding merchandise related to astrobiology. Nevertheless, the options that were available tended to take a less serious approach and interviews undertaken with experts confirmed that there is a need for more educational merchandise. By identifying and capitalizing on, or alternatively, by creating a specific brand that normalizes the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the team could deliver an ongoing tool that future proponents could use to raise awareness and more deeply engage members of the public.Merchandise can be used to disseminate information about science projects and initiatives and is an effective way to raise support and potential funding.

Currently, there are four different designs, all of which are based on real scientific projects used in the field of searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, and have helped shape and solidify this science and will be described below. The goal is that when people purchase the merchandise, they will also obtain a description of the artwork as a way to expand their knowledge in this field. Furthermore, there is an additional design that portraits a modification of Michelangelo's masterpiece, ‘The Creation of Adam,’ in a way that arouses the curiosity and interpretation of the public between the interaction of extraterrestrial intelligence and humans. The designs and their associated descriptions are available on the website: