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TP - Active Space Debris Removal Based on Eco-Design Approach

Olga Zhdanovich is currently an engineer working in an area of space standardisation (secretariat of European Cooperation for Space Standardisation) via Adjilon for ESA at ESTEC in Netherlands. In her daily work she is dealing with development of the documentation for the sustainable use of space environment. In 2006-20010 she was working as an Increment and Mission Integration Consultant  for ESA payloads via RheaTech for European Space Agency.

In 1990 she graduated with honours from the Moscow Institute of Engineers in Geodesy, Aerial Surveying and Cartography, Russia as engineer of cartography. Seven years later she received MSc in Environmental Science and Policy from Central European University, Hungary/University of Manchester, UK. Although her principal area is remote sensing during twenty years of her professional career she worked as consultant on commercial application of space technologies in earth observation, satellite navigation and telecommunication, and educational projects. Olga is an active member of national and international committees involved in aerospace, she was the co-ordinator of the Forum on Space Activities in the 21st Century at UNISPACE III organised by IAF/ISU/Prospective 2100, she was a member of the Russian Federation Delegation to UN COPOUS.  

Ms Zhdanovich  is Faculty of the International Space University and elected member of the ISU Academic Council. She is Co-Chair of IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee on Global Workforce Development. She is the expert of the Space Cluster of non for profit foundation Skolkovo (commercialisation of space technologies) in Russia.

Olga is recipient of number of awards and scholarships that includes a scholarship from the Royal Dutch National Academy of Sciences in 1995 for the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis Young Scientist Program and holds an award from the European Space Agency for her research paper from 1998. She is authored number of publications as chapters in books and conference papers on various applications of space technology as well as Russian space program.